Live Wedding Paintings

Talk about a HIT! A.CurtisCreations now provides a new form of wedding entertainment! LIVE ARTWORK! Guests are fascinated as they first watch your venue come to life. As the artist adds your guests into the image, some are able to spot themselves making it that much more exciting. Throughout the night, you and your guests are able to see your special moment as it is captured onto canvas. Once your event is over, you will receive a lifelong keepsake to pass down for generations.


“I loved being able to watch each step of the painting process, and finding myself in the crowd. I’ve never seen anything like this at weddings.” - Steven H.

Wedding Guest Review

How Does It Work?

The artist will show up approximately 2 hours before your event to prepare the space and begin on the background. As your guests arrive, they will be able to watch your venue come to life! Once the moment you would like captured (e.g. First kiss, first dance, etc) happens, the artist will snap multiple photos to ensure that important moments and guests are included. Throughout the rest of the evening, guests can admire your special moment as it is meticulously placed onto the canvas.


2019 Pricing

• 16in x 20in - $1020

• 18in x 18in - $1065

• 20in x 20in - $1130

• 18in x 24in - $1220

• 24in x 24in - $1376

• 24in x 30in - $1520

• 24in x 36in - $1650


Pricing includes:

Ø Original acrylic painting on cotton canvas

Ø Pre-event meeting or phone consultation

Ø 2 hours of painting prep and 5 hours of

painting at event

Ø Touch-ups and finalization of painting

Ø Shipping costs

Ø Travel costs within 30 miles of Austin

Additional Travel: $50 per every 30 miles outside of range

50% deposit due at time of booking to ensure your date is reserved.

Ready to reserve your date?!

E-mail: to plan your initial consultation!

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